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Flats of the Soil - Saffron preserve

Some Southwestern France preserves flavored with saffron of Quercy

The saffron of Quercy is used in cooking to embellish as well the salty dishes as sweetened.

The saffron of Quercy is a spice which nait of a flower of a mauve blue where from gets loose the deep red of stigmas; while taking the stigmas of these flowers of saffron during the harvest in October / November, then by drying them one obtains this invaluable spice.

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Pork cheeks with orange and saffron
glass jar 800 g
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Sauce with saffron of Quercy
box 200 g
9.90 € TTC
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Tripous with saffron of Quercy
glass jar 420 g
13.60 € TTC
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