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Foie Gras - Information on Foie Gras

Our Livers Fat of Duck and Goose result from the House Catusse in the Lot ( 46 ) which are quality products.

The Whole Foie gras, the Block of Foie gras

It is in January, 1994 when the legislation regulates all the naming of the preparations for sold base of foie gras in France. 3 naming only can exploit the term "foie gras" in the naming of sale, them are made only from foie gras and seasonings among which only are authorized the salt, the sugar, the spices and the aromatic plants, the waters of life, the fortified wines and the wines. 

The whole Foie gras : 

The "whole foie gras" consists of a whole foie gras or one or several whole lobes of foie gras and of a seasoning. Iit offers a beautiful uniform tint. 

The Block of Foie gras :

The "block of foie gras" consists, as for him, of reconstituted foie gras and a seasoning. When we incorporate it fragments of lobes of foie gras, it becomes "Block of foie gras with fragments" and offers a edge where the fragments of foie gras are very visible. 

At Table!

In entrance the foie gras samples freshly, not cold. It is necessary think of making it "bring to room temperature" at room temperature, as a good wine! Count good half an hour before the service. 

The foie gras cuts itself at the last moment by means of a knife the blade of which we warmed under the warm water, and which we suffer between every edge.

Finally, and especially, a whole foie gras "does not spread"! It savors on a beautiful slice of bread, not too thick, and slightly burned out. We can consume it on a bread whim (walnuts, grapes) but it can distort the taste.In entrance the foie gras samples freshly, not cold.

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