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Varied apéritifs - Armagnac

Armagnac is a brandy of Gascony wines, country of d'Artagnan. Armagnac is made from distilled wine, and grapes are the first factor that gives it an original personality.

Armagnac is divided into three sub-regions, the Bas-Armagnac, the Ténerèze, and the Haut-Armagnac : Ténarèze, region of Condom, gives a rich brandy, with violets and prunes flavours. The Haut- Armagnac has a small production; plantings are dominated by Ugni Blanc and Colombard, and many farmers divert a good portion of their crop into excellent wines: its armagnac is flat and hard .The Bas-Armagnac is the main region of Armagnac.Its brandy has length and persist pleasantly on the palate for up to several minutes.

The wine produced by the vineyard of Armagnac will be distilled during winter in the fire-driven alambic and is warmed in a pre-heater. From there it passes into the main column where it cascades over a number of heated plates.The alcoholic vapors then rise back through the curved tubes within the plates, forcing the outgoing eau-de-vie into contact with the incoming wine and insuring that additional fruit elements and flavors are transferred to the spirit. Finally the spirit exit out of the alambic and the white coloured alcohol is between 52° and 65° degrees . It is exclusively stored in oaks barrels and can begin its aging. The Armagnac is generally marketed when its degree fall between 40 ° and 48 °. P Aurian, Armagnac maker, can choose the brandy from small wine growers.They will be bottled nature with no reduction to 40 °, nor filtration. Or various vintage wines will be skilfully assembled to obtain an equal quality in Armagnacs reduced to 40 °. They have the general characteristics of being long-lasting and smooth and are very well-balanced. An excellent birthday present if you find the year you looking for.

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Low Armagnac 1972 vintage
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