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Our main activity is the production and the marketing of duck and pork preserves.

The process of marketing is described in the general sale conditions.

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Selection of porks and ducks
Our pork meat is from pigs farmers affiliated to" the Association of the Farmers Producers of Midi Pyrenées "(l'Association des Paysans Producteurs de Porc Lourd de Midi Pyrénées ») Their charter has very strict rules, guarantying an essential quality of healthy and tasty meat.
This meat is firm and colored : it is the first and most important step in the manufacturing of good canned food.
The cost price of these pork is more expensive than commercial breeded pork.
The ducks are farm breding in the Salvagnacois the SouthWest of France. Contrary to many breeders who buy industrial ducks just before the phase of force-feeding, our ducks are brought up since birth and until the force-feeding. The farmer fills up the ducks by group of 50 to master a quality production.
Soon, a description of this feeding method will be online.

The transformation of the meat is assured in an approved EEC. Laboratory.
It is the highest standard of approval for the transformation of meat and the manufacture of ready-to serve meal.
The director of this laboratory, Mr Catala has an eye on everything to guarantee an optimal quality of products

Stocks of all the products sold on this site are in cool and dry storage ; no damage of product can happen before its expedition.
The origin of the meat, the transformation in an approved laboratory EEC and the method of storing, guarantee you an irreproachable quality of products


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